Sunday, November 1, 2015

Postmarketing Safety Surveillance and Reevaluation of Danhong Injection: Clinical Study of 30888 Cases.

Authors: Li XL, Tang JF, Li WX, Li CX, Zhao T, Zhao BC, Wang Y, Zhang H, Chen XF, Xu T, Zhu MJ Abstract Traditional Chinese medicine injections (TCMIs) have played an irreplaceable role for treating some clinical emergency, severe illness, and infectious diseases in China. In recent years, the incidence rates of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) of TCMIs have increased year by year. Danhong injection (DHI) is one representative TCMI comprised of Danshen and Honghua for treating cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in clinic. In present study, the postmarketing safety surveillance and reevaluation of DHI were reported. Total 30888 patients in 37 hospitals from 6 provinces participated in the study. The results showed that the ADR incidence rate of DHI was 3.50‰. Seventeen kinds…

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