Monday, February 8, 2016

Deafferentation-based pathophysiological differences in phantom sound: Tinnitus with and without hearing loss

Publication date: 1 April 2016 Source:NeuroImage, Volume 129 Author(s): Sven Vanneste, Dirk De Ridder Tinnitus has been considered an auditory phantom percept. Recently a theoretical multiphase compensation mechanism at a cortical level has been hypothesized linking auditory deafferentation to tinnitus. This Bayesian brain model predicts that two very different kinds of tinnitus should exist, depending on the amount of hearing loss: an auditory cortex related form of tinnitus not associated with hearing loss, and a (para)hippocampal form associated with hearing loss, in which the auditory cortex might be of little relevance. In order to verify this model, resting state source analyzed EEG recordings were made in 129 tinnitus patients, and correlated to the mean hearing loss, the range …

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